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The K-16 Education Center is an outgrowth of the former Distance Education Center. The K-16 Education Center, an enterprise within the Division of Continuing Education, has focused its efforts on providing students, parents, and school districts with quality services and courses that meet the demand for greater knowledge and accountability.

New challenges face our state and nation. Our future prosperity depends on harnessing technology. The confluence of new information technologies with economics has created new opportunities driven by speed and by a world that demands quality and performance. How we educate our students to prepare for an economy that rewards skills ranging from high finance to biosciences to computer software will determine how and what we teach. In this new era, those who possess proficiency, skill, and literacy will be most likely to determine their own destiny and prosperity.

The K-16 Education Center understands that learners want more than just a chance to earn credit. They want the best courses, teachers and professors. They seek an opportunity to be acknowledged as individuals. Our students want to feel that they are worth our time and effort and to realize that they can enrich their lives, if given an opportunity. The K-16 Education Center works to match learners’ skills with an uncompromising vision that all is possible when provided access, affirmation, and opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere.

The staff at the K-16 Education Center understand that not everyone learns at the same pace or with the same rigor; they know that some learners need prerequisite skills prior to gaining additional knowledge. Our challenge is to continue to provide cutting edge learning solutions that allow students the flexibility to work outside the traditional physical and temporal educational environments. We also know that whether a learner is part-time, full time, night or day, everyone is welcomed, however he or she chooses to learn. Each of us has the potential, given appropriate choices, to follow our dreams. We welcome everyone to join us in pursuit of educational advancement.

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