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School District Partnerships

The UT K-16 Education Center continues to develop partnerships with Texas school districts to offer ASKME® math and science high school courses to their students. Districts are using ASKME Courses® in a variety of innovative ways to meet student needs: as the core curriculum in a classroom, as a supplement to the classroom curriculum, as the online virtual school curriculum, as transition courses for English Language Learners, to expand the school’s course offerings, and/or as challenging courses for independent learners.

For more information on ASKME® implementation across the state, please read about our district partners below.

Partnership with Midland ISD

Midland ISD has been a model for success in using the ASKME® online math suite in the high school mathematics classroom. Holly Roberts, the Midland ISD District Math Coordinator, saw the strength of the ASKME® curriculum and the power of its flexibility. She and her team of math teachers created and refined PowerPoint presentations that use ASKME® as their core. And thanks to innovative teachers and administrators, every secondary math teacher in Midland has an interactive whiteboard. This allows teachers to control a computer by touching the projected image of a computer screen. The combination of ASKME®, PowerPoint, and interactive whiteboards makes learning and teaching an engaging multimedia experience that prepares students for success in math and on the TAKS exams.

When students leave class, they have access to their full math course at any time and in any place there is an Internet connection. Since ASKME® math is taught through online animated tutorials, learning and reviewing can continue once the student leaves the classroom. Students and parents can work together on ASKME® from home, or anywhere there is a computer with an Internet connection.

Midland ISD has taken a leap into the future of education and their students are reaping the rewards!

Holly Roberts
Director of Mathematics
(432) 559-5735

Partnership with Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

Carrollton-Farmers Branch (CFB) Independent School District is truly riding the front of the wave when it comes to providing flexible, high quality, online learning. Under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Berning, Chief Technology Officer, CFB has built a Virtual Campus (link to CFB V-campus website) that draws services from a number of online learning providers and programs. ASKME® comprises the math curriculum of the CFB Virtual Campus.

Beginning this year, Dr. Barry Dodson, Virtual Campus principal, and Mr. Rich Lewis, ASKME® math teacher, have developed the ASKME® offerings to include course delivery via video conferencing technology. Middle School students at a remote location join in an ASKME® math course that is taught at another school. The teacher uses video and audio software and hardware, so that the students can see and hear the course lectures in real-time, and the students are able to communicate and collaborate with their remote classmates and the teacher. This is a truly synchronous learning environment and an impressive demonstration of technology’s ability to enhance learning. The UT K-16 Education Center looks forward to many more educational technology innovations from CFB ISD’s Virtual Campus team!

Most recently, CFB ISD’s Virtual Campus was recognized by the Texas High School Project (THSP) as an Exemplar Program for Successful Practices. The Virtual Campus will receive a grant to expand online learning opportunities for students using the UT K-16 Center’s ASKME Courses®. To read more on this project, go to the following link: http://thsp.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=274785&pageId=459539

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD:
Barry Dodson, Virtual Campus Principal
(972) 968-4378

Partnership with Houston ISD Virtual School

The Houston Independent School District’s Virtual School (link to hvs) was established in 2000 as a commitment by the district to support excellence in learning through distance education. The UT K-16 Education Center has worked with the Virtual School from its inception, offering customized course with quality content that is both rigorous and beneficial to distance learners.

Mark S. Grubb, Project Manager, and George S. Browne, Technology Supervisor, have initiated and pioneered the use of technology in the Houston Virtual School “classroom” by melding the use of the Blackboard course administration tool and the courses offered by the UT K-16 Education Center. Rich multimedia, online ASKME Courses®, as well as CD-ROM-driven content, are available anytime, anywhere, to any student with a computer and an Internet connection.

At the HISD Virtual School, the future is happening today by using the World Wide Web to help students become independent, lifelong learners!

Houston ISD:
Mark Grubb
Virtual School Project Manager
(713) 349-2062

Partnership with WorkSource

The University of Texas High School is pleased to announce that it has been approved as an Intensive Services Provider for WorkSource-Greater Austin Area clients. As an Intensive Services Provider, The UT High School is approved to enroll eligible adults, dislocated workers, and/or youth working through WorkSource-Greater Austin Area into The UT High School.

The UT High School offers a full four-year high school curriculum and is fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency. This program—affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin—provides an opportunity for eligible clients with the WorkSource-Greater Austin Area to obtain a Texas high school diploma, thereby increasing their options for employment or higher education.

To be eligible, WorkSource clients must be classified as a high school junior or senior. Classification is based on credits earned that satisfy the Texas Education Agency graduation requirements. For more information and to determine eligibility, contact a WorkSource-Greater Austin Area counselor at one of the following locations: North (512) 454-9675, East (512) 223-4200, South (512) 381-4200.

Partnership with Donna ISD

Donna ISD, a model for success, is now in its second year of implementing the LUCHA™ program, which consists of web-based courses in Spanish, transcript analysis, and the ASKME® science and math online courses.

Secondary English language learners at Donna ISD are reaping the benefits of these programs.

Ofelia Gaona, Donna ISD’s bilingual director, saw the benefit of the LUCHA™ online courses in Spanish which allows ELL students the opportunity to earn and accrue credits while simultaneously acquiring English. The LUCHA™ online courses, which are aligned to the TEKS curriculum requirements, assist students in passing the TAKS test and in graduating from high school in a timely manner.

At Donna High School, the LUCHA™ courses are being provided to students in two different settings: a computer lab where students work at their own pace and whole group instruction in the classroom. Thanks to Donna ISD Bilingual Department’s high-tech vision of providing ELL students with laptops equipped with satellite internet access, students can access the online courses anytime and any place.

The LUCHA™ web-based courses have prevented many of Donna ISD’s immigrant students from failing and dropping out of school. Students are able to learn the content first in their native language which provides them with the knowledge needed to more quickly transition into English.

In addition to the LUCHA™ online courses, the LUCHA™ transcript analysis services have also helped to keep students from dropping out. The transcript analysis service has helped the district evaluate students’ transcripts to ensure that students (1) receive credit for high school courses completed successfully in Mexico and (2) are placed in the proper grade. This has allowed the students to spend more time in ESL classrooms learning English.

Donna ISD has also been successful in their innovative approach to using the math and science ASKME Courses® to assist Spanish-speaking students transition into English. Through this self-paced and engaging, problem-based curriculum which includes vocabulary in both English and Spanish, students have learned and been successful. The curriculum allows the students to move slowly so as to fully understand the course vocabulary and subject-area content.

Donna ISD has created a unique and innovative program using a combination of services offered by the UT K-16 Education Center to provide a comprehensive educational program to ELLs in their district, and the results have been remarkable.

Donna ISD: Ofelia Gaona
Bilingual Director
(956) 464-1600

Partnership with Edcouch-Elsa

Edcouch-Elsa, through STaR Grant funds, has implemented The University of Texas at Austin K-16 Education Center’s LUCHA™ Program, to provide English language learners an opportunity to accrue credits and move successfully toward graduation.

Edcouch-Elsa has centralized LUCHA™ services through a district-level program coordinator, Iris Mares. Ms. Mares coordinates all transcript requests, transcript analyses, diagnostics, and registrations for online courses with campus counselors. Students are assigned to the ESL classroom/lab that has been equipped with 20 computers with internet access. Gloria Capello, ESL teacher, facilitates the online courses while teaching the students English. The computer lab is not only available during the scheduled ESL class time, but is also available before and after school. Additionally, laptops are available for students to check out so they can continue to work at home.

Soon, Edcouch-Elsa will open three LUCHA™ classes during the regular school day. This will allow students to attend a class that is totally dedicated to LUCHA™ courses. These students will be able to accrue credits in core content areas at a much faster pace while learning English.

Edcouch-Elsa has done an excellent job of creating a successful program to meet the needs of English language learners and addressing the dropout rate by combining funds from the STaR Grant, services from the LUCHA™ Program, and the commitment of the district personnel. Edcouch-Elsa has set the standards high for others to follow.

Edcouch-Elsa ISD:
Minerva Guerra-Gonzalez
Special Populations Director
(956) 262-6000

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