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Frequently Asked Questions - Survey Development

Q) I have an organizational survey or evaluation I would like to set up. What information do I need to give you?

A) Please call 1-877-377-8334 or e-mail scoring@utk16.org so that you can specify your organization’s needs. Please consider the following prior to contacting us:

  • What amount of volume will your survey or evaluation project generate?
  • How often will you need to receive processed data?
  • Will this be weekly, monthly, or annually?
  • Is there a scan form that you want to use, or do you need one designed?
  • Will you provide us with a template or with the survey questions and response rubric you want?
  • What type of data report do you want to receive?
  • Do you prefer electronic delivery or hard copy?
  • How will you want the responses sorted and scored?
  • Will this data be added to a larger report?

Based on your input we will design a test report for you to evaluate, consider your suggestions,and proceed once we have your approval. Remember to provide detailed instructions regarding data delivery.

Be prepared to send us copies of originals once your project needs are assessed. We will set up the form and create a program to capture the responses in electronic form. Talk with us about other options you might want.

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