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Arrow Educational Alternatives to Traditional Classrooms

If you have students who need flexibility in scheduling and want a curriculum that will prepare them for the TAKS and college, the K-16 Education Center is available to get you started. For more information, please contact us.

Arrow How can the K-16 Education Center help?

The K-16 Education Center has been in the business of high school distance education courses since 1954 and has a proven track record of providing quality high school courses. These courses are designed to help students who are independent and self-disciplined and want the opportunity to work on web-based and online courses during school hours, before and/or after school hours, at home in the evenings and on weekends.

We can provide:

  • Onsite guidance on how to organize a successful virtual school
  • Innovative rigorous distance education courses for your students

We offer over 48 half-credit courses that are:

  • Committed to quality, online education standards and pedagogy
  • Accredited by TEA
  • Aligned to the TEKS
  • Based on innovative technology and award-winning delivery platforms
  • Designed for student success on the TAKS
  • Intended to prepare students for college

Arrow How would this work?

Your district can create its own virtual school using selected courses from the K-16 Education Center high school distance education courses. As a district, you can:

  • Use your own teachers. Through a site license, a district will gain access to our courses to use with their students. The K-16 Education Center will provide the online or web-based courses and the answer keys. You provide the final exams and the instructor; and/or…
  • Use our teachers. Purchase courses for individual students as needed using our Texas certified instructors. Upon completion of the course, a grade report will be sent to the student and the school.

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