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ASKME® Benefits

Learn any time, from anywhere in the world. The ASKME® curriculum motivates students to excel and to achieve the fullest measure of personal growth and intellectual discovery possible by offering courses that are challenging and stimulating.

Based on the TEKS, Aligned with the TAKS

ASKME Courses® were created with the Texas student and teacher in mind. The foundation of the ASKME® curriculum is the knowledge, skills and student expectations outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Nearly 100% of the TEKS are addressed in each course. Because of the close alignment with the TEKS, the courses also align perfectly with the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills objectives. Each ASKME® course contains a chart that indicates the TEKS expectations and TAKS objectives addressed in each activity.

Research-Based, Rigorous

The authors of the ASKME Courses® drew from the most current pedagogical and learning theories to create model courses that require the student’s active participation. The problem-based delivery of course content drives the learning, helps to develop critical thinking and creative skills, improves problem-solving skills, increases motivation, and helps students learn to transfer knowledge to new situations. The courses are language-rich and require students to read and write a substantial amount. Teachers are free to take the role as facilitators of learning, rather than the provider of facts and information.

Textbook Free, “Living” Content

ASKME Courses® do not require the purchase of any additional software, CD-ROM, or textbooks. The online format of the ASKME Courses® allows updates to take place in real-time, without the need for new editions of supplemental materials. ASKME® evolves in parallel with developments in educational research and pedagogical methods, new technologies, scientific breakthroughs, world events, and revisions to state standards, as well as feedback from our ASKME® end-users.

Flexible, Accessible to All Learners

The fully online format of ASKME Courses® means they can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer with an Internet connection. The ASKME® course interface is intuitive and consistent for ease in navigation. ASKME Courses® do not require that students and teachers progress through the content in a linear fashion. Teachers can pick and choose the course activities they want to use to present, or reinforce, a concept; and students can view and review any component of the course numerous times. ASKME® uses multimedia technology to present real-world problems in student-friendly contexts. The content is scaffolded to build from simple to complex ideas, and is ideal for students with varying learning styles. All ASKME Courses® contain a chart of possible modifications for students with special learning needs.

504 modifications

504 modifications can be easily provided using ASKME Courses®.

Use both oral and printed directions The directions in activities are in print and can be read aloud by one of the ASKME® characters. The text of what is being said in the ASKME® tutorials is always present at the bottom of the tutorial window. Screen readers can be used to read anything written in ASKME Courses®.
Visual aids ASKME Courses® are full of multimedia including animations and graphics.
Provide extra time to complete a task ASKME Courses® were designed to be self-paced.
Use worksheets that require minimal writing Students type all of their answers.
Provide partial grades Teachers have complete control over a student’s grade. They can choose to grade anyway they choose.
Permit student to rework missed problems for a better grade Teachers can request that a student redo any question in a graded assignment and recalculate the student’s grade based on the revision.
Provide a vocabulary list with definitions for tests Glossaries in both English and Spanish are included in ASKME Courses®.
Use pictures or graphs ASKME Courses® are full of multimedia including animations and graphics.
Provide fewer problems on worksheets Teachers can assign fewer problems on graded assignments and adjust the grading accordingly.
Provide opportunities for extra practice Additional practice problems are included at the end of activities.
Provide immediate feedback ASKME Courses® immediately grade and give feedback to students as soon as they submit answers to review exercises and portions of graded assignments.
Relate material to students’ lives and real-life situations ASKME Courses® use project-based instruction that involves real-world situations.
Allow students to tape lessons so they can listen to them again. ASKME® tutorials can be played as many times as the student needs in order to understand the concepts being taught.

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