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ASKME® History


The University of Texas at Austin K-16 Education Center responds to a request by the Texas Legislature and embarks on a new K-12 research-based initiative with the purpose of creating a technology-focused “School of the Future.” The Online Mathematics Initiative Grant (OMI) through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) funds the project.

Classroom teachers, subject matter experts, professors, university staff and students, and technology experts collaborate to develop the first ASKME® course: Algebra 1.


The UT K-16 Center receives a continuation of the original OMI grant, which culminates in the development of the Math and Science ASKME® suites of courses.


The UT K-16 Education Center partners with high school campuses and school districts in a pilot program to evaluate the potential of ASKME® in the classroom. These schools are funded through the Texas High School Completion and Success Grant from the Texas Education Agency.


The Texas High School Completion and Success Grant pilot schools implement ASKME® Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, IPC, Biology and Chemistry in their secondary classrooms.

The UT K-16 Education Center begins enrolling independent learners in ASKME Courses® and begins making site license agreements available to schools and districts.


All ASKME Courses® undergo a review cycle completed by Texas content-area specialists, and taking user feedback into consideration. The courses receive updates and revisions that further perfect the rigorous content.


The UT K-16 Education Center launches another ASKME® science course: Physics.

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