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ASKME® In The Classroom

Teacher Led and Teacher Driven

Classroom teachers are using ASKME® course materials as lesson plans for classroom instruction, tutorials for students that need additional practice, and to facilitate small group work.

Teacher Led and Student Driven

When using the ASKME Courses® for independent learners, the campus or district has the choice of using their own teachers or teachers from the UT K–16 Education Center who will provide the student support and grade their work.

Campus implementation strategies include:

  • additional time on task/double-dosing;
  • regular course curriculum;
  • summer school/academics;
  • after school classes with a highly qualified teacher for course credit;
  • support for students who are homebound or have extenuating circumstances;
  • fast track to credit accrual; and
  • inclusion in the district’s Virtual School Campus.

Using ASKME®:

  • Improves TAKS scores: ASKME Courses® are designed to prepare students for the TAKS.
  • Integrates technology: ASKME Courses® can be used in a variety of ways to integrate technology into classrooms
  • Eliminates textbooks: There are no textbooks or CD-ROMS to purchase, replace, or manage.
  • Provides opportunities to students with flexible schedules: Create a virtual campus within your campus.
  • Serves homebound students: ASKME Courses® can be used to provide excellent curriculum and instruction to students facing special situations which require them to be out of school temporarily.

Course Demo

Go to our Demo page to experience our ASKME Courses® first-hand.

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