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ASKME® Independent Learners

ASKME® provides high quality, rigorous, anytime, anywhere learning for non-traditional students, or students with special circumstances.

Current ASKME® Independent Learners include students who:

  • want more independence in their educational choices;
  • want to graduate early from high school;
  • are unable to acquire graduation credits due to participation in extracurricular activities;
  • receive schooling at home;
  • are from other countries;
  • are older than the traditional student;
  • have professional careers; and
  • live in remote locations.

Home Schoolers

Parents who want a secondary math and science curricula that will prepare their child for the TAKS (Texas state performance assessment) and college, will find that ASKME® online courses can provide the content needed for appropriate home instruction.

ASKME Courses® provide a real-world context for learning that can be used as a supplement to the teaching provided by the parent, or the parent may choose to use a UT K-16 Education Center instructor.

Teacher Support

The UT K-16 Education Center assigns a teacher who will grade the student’s work and provide online instructional assistance. The teachers are content-area specialists with Texas secondary certification.


Independent learners gain access to ASKME Courses® by registering and paying a per-course tuition fee.

A school official is required to sign the enrollment forms of Independent Learners who plan to take an ASKME® course for graduation credit at their home campus. The UT K-16 Center verifies this information with the school official.

Upon registration, the student receives a username and password that allows instant access to the course(s).

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