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ASKME® Campus and District Licenses

ASKME® offers site licenses to individual campuses or school districts.

Classroom teachers are using ASKME Course® materials as lesson plans for classroom instruction, tutorials for students that need additional practice, and to facilitate small group work.

Using ASKME Courses®:

  • Improves TAKS scores
  • Integrates technology
  • Eliminates textbooks
  • Provides options to students with special circumstances
  • Serves homebound students

Implementation Strategies

Schools have found numerous ways of incorporating ASKME® into their curriculum, including:

  • Regular course curriculum;
  • Supplement to regular course curriculum;
  • Campus or district virtual school curriculum;
  • Fast track to credit accrual for advanced students;
  • Support for homebound students or students with special circumstances;
  • Summer school curriculum; and
  • After-school credit recovery with a highly qualified, content-area teacher.

The campus or district has the choice of using its own teacher(s) or using teachers from the UT K-16 Education Center.

Planning for Success

Implementing ASKME® requires planning. ASKME® builds the capacity to implement innovative instructional techniques for problem-based learning and requires highly qualified teachers who believe that technology can enhance learning. ASKME® cannot and does not replace the teacher.

It is recommended that schools spend one semester planning how ASKME® will be used on the campus or in the district. The structure of implementing the ASKME Courses® is flexible and can vary based on the needs of the student population and the resources available. An ASKME® representative can work with schools or districts to determine a creative program design that will best meet the needs of the learners and take into account the available resources, at no cost to the school or district.

Contact ASKME® if you would like to speak to a representative from one of the partner districts.

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