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ASKME® Purchasing Options

To purchase a campus license for ASKME® math and/or science, the district has the option to purchase a license for one course, a suite of courses, or all ASKME Courses®.

The first year that a campus implements ASKME®, the campus is required to purchase on-site support. After the first year, the on-site support cost is not required but is available at a reduced price.

Costs and Sources of Funding

The number of courses the campus or district plans to purchase, plus on-site support, determines the cost of a site license.

Districts could consider the following funding options for the ASKME Courses®:

  • Texas High School Completion and Success Grant
  • Limited English Proficient Student Success Initiative Grant
  • Title I, Part A - School wide Programs

Contact ASKME® for more information on costs and partnerships.

Implementation Timeline

Implementing ASKME® requires planning. ASKME® builds the capacity to implement innovative instructional techniques for problem-based learning. ASKME® requires a highly qualified teacher who believes that technology can enhance learning; ASKME® cannot and does not replace the teacher. To be successful, schools and teachers must be willing to change.

It is recommended that a school spend one semester planning how ASKME® will be used on their campus or in their district. Implementation should occur the following semester. At no cost, UT K-16 Education Center staff is available to assist the campus or district in planning.

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