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Change of Address/Name

Change of Address

You must give the K-16 Education Center correct local and permanent addresses and telephone numbers. Official correspondence is sent to the most recent address you provide. If you move and fail to correct the address, you are not relieved of the responsibility of collecting mail from us on the grounds that the correspondence was not delivered. Visit our Download Zone for the Change of Address & Name form.

Change of Name

University policy is to maintain educational records under your full, legal name. If you are currently enrolled, you may change the name on your permanent academic record by presenting a certified copy of the appropriate documentation to the K-16 Education Center.

Correcting the spelling or the proper sequence of your name requires a copy of your birth certificate. To change your name, you must present a notarized request and a copy of the signed court order showing your new legal name. To assume your spouse’s name following marriage, you must present a notarized request and a copy of the marriage certificate. If you wish to discontinue use of a married name and resume use of the original family name or another name, you must present a divorce decree or a signed court order showing restoration of the original or other name. Visit our Download Zone for the change of Address & Name form.

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