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Grade Calculation

Assignments are graded on a numerical basis; “70” is the lowest possible passing grade. The pass/fail option is not available to high school students.

The average of assignments counts for 75% of the course grade; the final exam counts for 25%.

High school students must make a grade of “70” or better on the final exam in order to pass the course.

High School students who pass the final exam or re-exam with a grade of “70” or better and who do not have a passing course average due to a low graded assignment average will receive a “70” as the final course grade.

High school students who fail the exam are eligible for reexamination and will receive a reexamination application with the first notification of a failing grade. Reexamination must occur both before a course expires and within 30 days of notification of failing grade.

Note: On re-exams, the course grade posted is the final exam grade if the student fails the exam (no assignment grades are averaged in). If the student passes the re-exam, then the re-exam grade and the assignment grades are averaged to determine the final course grade.

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