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Grade Reporting and Transcripts

Grade Reporting

For each K-16 Education high school student, we send the school a monthly computer-generated report that indicates how the student is progressing in the course. This report provides information and gives counselors a tool for helping students meet graduation deadlines.

Student Assignments: On assignments, “CR” indicates that credit has been awarded for an assignment where no grade is appropriate. “I” indicates that an assignment is incomplete and that more work is required on the assignment before it can be graded. “R” indicates that a student must rework and resubmit an assignment to avoid a failing grade.

Grade reports are automatically sent to you and to your school as soon as the instructor assigns a course grade (approximately three weeks from the date you take your final exam). Upon request, we will issue a composite grade report listing all courses completed through our program.

On K-16 Education grade reports, “Q” indicates that you have been dropped at your request or have failed to comply with our time limits. No academic penalty is attached to “Q.” If you complete all of the assignments in a K-16 Education course but never take the final exam, you will receive a “Q” in the course.


If you need an official high school transcript, contact your high school office.

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