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Arrow Flexibility to work at your pace, at your place

Whether you are looking for just one subject or need credit in an array of high school subjects, the UT High School can help. All of our courses are Online. For more information, please contact us.

Our courses offer the following:

  • Students can take up to 150 days to complete a course, including taking the final. Students are not required to go to a specific location for any aspect of the course, with the exception of a proctored final exam.
  • Multimedia activities that make subjects come alive
  • Self-help and self-assessment tools that help students work to improve their skills
  • More than just technology - the courses are written and instructed by Texas-certified teachers who are experienced in helping students succeed

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Note: When enrolling in a course, the student’s UT EID must be used (not the parent’s UT EID).

To enroll online, click a course link in the column on the right. Then, click the Add This Course button to add the course to your shopping cart.

Step-by-step instructions for enrolling online:

Watch a helpful video: How to Enroll in Courses

To enroll by mail or fax, download:

Arrow Online Courses

These courses may require a textbook and all require continuous access to the World Wide Web. The courses are menu driven, user friendly, and easy to navigate. For more information, please contact us.

Arrow ASKME® Multimedia Courses

ASKME® (Acquire and Self-Regulate Knowledge in a Multimedia Environment) online courses are textbook free*. Instruction is provided though animated tutorials. The online format provides students with interactive exercises, electronic simulations, unlimited practice, virtual manipulatives and concrete models. Each course unit contains a cohesive community problem that provides real-world context and graded assignments that students submit electronically. For more information, please contact us.

To learn more:

*Science courses require the purchase of a lab supplies.

Arrow Policy Updates

  • Course grades are calculated based on the following formula: graded assignments 75%; final exam 25%.
  • Please note that even though course descriptions and some course materials may not reflect this grading calculation policy, the policy is in effect for all courses.

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