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Submitting Assignments

Assignments are the heart of the course. They are your opportunity to interact with your instructor, to demonstrate what you have learned, and to hone new skills with the help of your instructor. It is important to develop a time-line for submitting assignments so that you do not find yourself in a time crunch.

Instructor-graded assignments are returned to you with the instructor’s remarks and grades. Students may receive “Incomplete” or “Redo” marks on their assignments with additional remarks from the instructors. You will need to address the issue raised by the instructor in order to complete this assignment.

Because learning requires time for assimilation and because you benefit from instructor feedback, it is recommended that you submit no more than three instructor-graded assignments in a seven-day period.

If more than three instructor graded assignments are submitted, students will experience a delay in feedback from the instructor.

Computer Graded Assignments

You may submit an unlimited number of objective-question, computer-graded assignments at any time and take advantage of the immediate feedback available through the Web.

Online Assignments

For most lessons in Online courses, your instructor will receive your completed assignments through the Online interface, eliminating the mail transit time of traditional distance education courses and facilitating faster, more immediate responses.

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