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Arrow Grade Reports

The Counselor Grade Report Portal has been created to assist you in tracking student grades and printing grade reports. Any student that has you listed as their campus counselor will be available to you on a list and all you need to access this site is your UT EID!

Click here to access the Counselor Grade Report Portal

Students are listed from a date range that you select and the information is also available to copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

Arrow Online Audio

Language exams now all have the option for online audio listening and online audio recording. Be sure to test your computer to make sure when the student comes to test everything is ready.

Visit our Online Audio Test to test your computer set up.

Arrow Safe Exam Browser Information

Online exams speed up the receipt of exams plus the speed of receiving an instant grade! The first step is to make sure that you (or an IT administrator) have downloaded and installed the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). Online exams can only be given through the SEB. If you have not received instructions on how to download and install this application, please email: k16@austin.utexas.edu or visit the Secure Messaging system to access your secure message at Secure Messages.

Arrow Online Grading for Paper Exams

Paper exams with online grading gives counselors the ability to proctor paper tests and still receive a grade the same day using our Online Grading feature. All the information that you will need is on the exam label. Simply enter the SID, UID, and ExID and you or the student can then enter their answers from their scantron onto the computer screen and submit for an instant grade. The student can then print or email the counselor the grade report.

Visit the Online Grading for Paper Exams site to get started.

Arrow Institutional Forms

Forms to enroll students into CBE/EAs, proctor forms, exam supplemental materials, etc. can all be found in our download zone.

Visit our Download Zone for all forms.

ArrowContact Us

Visit our contact page for information on how to contact us!

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