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Analyze Transcripts

Many English language learners (ELL) and immigrant students are

  • placed in the wrong grade,
  • not scheduled into required core content-area courses, or
  • scheduled to repeat courses already taken.

Obtain Transcripts

Many Mexican immigrant students are unable to provide transcripts from their home schools. LUCHA™ works directly with the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico and Mexican Educational Institutions to locate and provide missing transcripts to school districts.

To avoid improper placement and ensure students are given the credits they have earned to graduate on time, LUCHA™ transcript services help schools place students in the appropriate grade and core content-area courses.

Create Graduation Credit Analysis (GCA)

The result of the student’s transcript analysis is incorporated into a Graduation Credit Analysis (GCA) for the student. The GCA includes a summary of credits earned in Mexico and their course equivalencies. The GCA suggests options for course placement, including enrollment in LUCHA™ online courses in Spanish.

Contact LUCHA™

To learn more about costs and implementing LUCHA™ Transcript Services, please contact the LUCHA™ Team

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