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ASKME® Online Courses

ASKME® (Acquire and Self-Regulate Knowledge in a Multimedia Environment) online courses are textbook free; instruction is provided though animated tutorials. The online format provides students with interactive exercises, electronic simulations, unlimited practice, virtual manipulatives, and concrete models. Each course unit contains a cohesive community problem that provides real-world context and graded assignments that students submit electronically. For more information, visit the ASKME® website.

Don’t forget to check the ASKME® Enrollment Computer Requirements.

Online Courses

These courses require a textbook and continuous access to the World Wide Wed. The courses are menu driven, user friendly, and easy to navigate.

Don’t forget to check the Online Enrollment Computer Requirements.

CD-based Courses

CD-based courses provide students with interactive tutorial support and immediate responses and reinforcement for each of their answer choices. In addition, the courses are menu driven, user friendly, easy to navigate, and they address different Learning styles with audio, visual, and animated presentations of content.

Print-based Courses

Each print-based course consists of a series of lessons, which contain objectives, course commentary, textbook-reading assignments, vocabulary reviews, practice exercises that students complete on paper, and an assignment to be submitted for a grade. A final exam review at the end of each course provides instruction on test-taking skills and study skills. Course introductions also give instruction on study skills.

Algebra Across the Wire

Algebra Across the Wire classes are tailored to individual sites with several sections available each summer. Four-, six-, and eight-week sessions are offered with both daytime and evening class options. Students are provided with lesson plans, worksheets, and handouts designed by the instructor(s). Students audio conference with their teacher four or five days a week, depending upon the number of weeks the course is offered at their location. Primary instruction is delivered via the audio conference format.

Noncredit Course

We offer a noncredit course, Marketing Yourself, that provides computer-assisted instruction on employability skills; identifying and preparing for career opportunities; developing cover letters, resumes, and follow-up letters; and learning interview techniques. A useful supplement for any career field, this course helps students build self-esteem, set goals, and plan course schedules.

Partial Work

Because of their modular design, courses can be used to finish incompletes that are caused by early withdrawal when students migrate or to make up coursework they miss because of late reentry into their Texas schools. Migrant educators may use the publication Guidelines for Partial Work to determine which lessons each student needs to make up course work they have missed. For most courses, each lesson is worth two weeks of classroom work.

Credit by Exam

Students who have already mastered course content may enroll in credit by exams. At the option of the local school district, migrant students may earn credit by scoring 70 on a test covering the appropriate Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Credit by exams are available for all course titles. An alternate version of each exam allows for retesting if the student fails the first test. Each school district sets its own eligibility criteria and determines limits on the amount of credit each student may earn through Credit by Examination.

We strongly encourage you to provide exam study guides to your students so they can prepare for their exams.

NEW Online Audio

Tired of using cassette players/recorders, CD players, CD burners, tapes and CDs? Check out our latest option to use Online Audio with some of our credit by exams.

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