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Course Procedures

Course Procedures

Step One: The migrant educator submits an enrollment application with a copy of the student’s Certificate of Eligibility.

Step Two: We ship course materials to the migrant educator indicated on the enrollment form. The materials for each course include a CD-ROM disk or print study guide, a course textbook, instructions for starting and completing the course, and materials for parents. We do not ship any course materials for ASKME® Online courses since they are textbook free and all course components are accessed online.

Step Three: The migrant educator gives course materials and instructions to the student.

Step Four: The student performs the work in each course lesson and submits an assignment for each lesson to be graded by one of the program’s instructors or by a local migrant educator. Students may submit instructor-graded assignments electronically, by U.S. mail, or by fax. Students submit computer-graded assignments electronically.

Step Five: The migrant educator monitors each student’s progress in his or her course and provides support as needed.

Step Six: We send a report to migrant educators every six weeks to help them monitor each student’s progress.

Step Seven: After each student has completed all of the lesson assignments for a course, the migrant educator requests and proctors a final exam.

Step Eight: After the program’s instructor grades the final exam, we send a transcript with the student’s final exam and final course grades. The final exam grade must be 70 or higher in order for the student to receive a passing grade for the course. For onsite-graded courses, the educator may develop and administer local exams and award credit locally.

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