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Migrant Educators

We are now accepting nominations of your migrant students to be featured in our 2014 Exemplary Migrant Students publication.

We will select 40 students to be featured in this publication. From these 40 students, two students will be selected as Students of the Year and they will receive college scholarships. Following last year’s tradition, we will select one of the Students of the Year based on his or her achievements in math and/or science. Two additional students will be selected to receive college scholarships. One additional scholarship will be presented as a Creative Award to a nominee who enters our talent contest.

Please be aware that selected students can only receive one scholarship, but they can compete for more than one award.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be considered for selecting the exemplary migrant students:

  • The obstacles that the student has overcome
  • The student’s academic achievement (including grades and honors)
  • The student’s participation in extracurricular and community activities (including paid work and volunteer work)
  • The student’s performance in UT Migrant Student Program courses

Students must have taken a course from our program in order to qualify.

The criteria for selecting the Students of the Year will include everything listed above and the students’ college plans (Last question on the Student Form).


Migrant students who are juniors or seniors and have successfully completed one or more of the program’s courses are eligible to be nominated.

Maximum Number of Nominees

You may nominate up to two eligible students from your school.

Items That Must Be Submitted

    For each student you wish to nominate, please submit the following:

    1. Migrant Educator Form—You will fill out this form.

      Submit Educator Form Online NOW

    2. Student Form— This form must be completed by the student. Please check that the student has understood and answered all of the questions on this form before submitting it.

    3. Submit Student Form Online NOW

    4. Photograph of the student

    5. • Yearbook photos are preferred.

      • Snapshots and photos on disks are acceptable.

      • Digital photos should be a taken at the largest size/setting available (minimum of 3.5” x 5”) with a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch at full size preferred.

      • For digital photos, a 2.0 megaPixel camera is preferred.

      • Be sure the photo is cropped with space above the head and shows some space below shoulders.

      Please be careful not to submit pictures with the following issues:

      • Do not submit photos taken with a cell phone.

      • Do not send XEROX copies of pictures because these are difficult to scan.

      • Do not submit pictures that are grainy, blurry, or visibly damaged.

      • Do not submit pictures with strange lighting (i.e. a strong light source that creates really bright highlights or dark shadows).

      • Do not submit pictures with distracting backgrounds.

    For detailed photo guidelines and photo examples please visit the photo submission webpage.

    Digital photographs may be e-mailed to luzhinojosa@austin.utexas.edu

    **Special Note: Please let us know if your nominated student has a special talent (singing, drawing, writing poetry) Once again we will be selecting one scholarship recipient based on their artistic talent.


    Forms and photos, as well as art submissions, are officially due on December 16, 2013. Mail the completed student and counselor forms and a photograph of each nominated student to our office:

    Attn. Migrant Student Program

    2901 N I-35, Ste. 2.402

    Austin, Texas 78722

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