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Assignment Grading Options

Assignment Grading by Migrant Student Program Instructors

We offer grading by the program’s instructors for all of the courses and course options. Each instructor holds a Texas secondary teaching certificate in the subject that he or she teaches, giving students access to Texas-qualified teachers even when they are residing outside of Texas. This option benefits programs with limited staff time and is often used during the regular school year.

Assignment Grading by Local Migrant Educators

We also offer onsite-grading of assignments for all of the print-based, disk-based, and ASKME® online courses and for most of the CD-based courses. We provide local educators with assignment answer keys to facilitate the grading process. The answer keys give answers to objective questions, guidelines for grading subjective questions, and scoring guides. For the ASKME® online courses, we provide educators with online access to answer keys and rubrics as well as online tools for tracking each student’s progress. The onsite-grading option benefits programs where student time for submitting assignments to our program is limited. This option results in quick turnaround of assignment grading and is often used in summer programs.

Electronic Assignment Grading

The option of electronic grading of objective assignments is utilized in CD-based courses and provides students with instructor-developed feedback and reinforcement immediately upon the submission of each assignment.

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