Two students working in the fields. The name of the program, Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program.

Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program

The mission of the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program is to help Texas migrant students graduate from high school by providing opportunities to earn credit at any time and any place. We offer 55 distance learning courses that are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and help migrant students prepare for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

Since the program originated in 1987, it has enrolled approximately 26,000 migrant students. With funding from the Texas Education Agency grant, Distance Learning for Migrant Secondary Students, the program provides courses and services to help migrant students earn high school credits and stay on track for on-time graduation. The program also enhances its services to students through gifts from private foundations. Many of the students in the program represent the first high school graduates in their families and some will go on to become college graduates.


There is no charge for enrolling certified migrant students in the distance learning courses.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the program or you would like to discuss how our services can help your migrant students graduate from high school, please call us at 512-471-6017 or 1-800-444-1905.

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