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Exemplary Migrant Student Recognition Ceremony

Arrow Photo Guidelines

A photo of each selected student will be included in a professional quality commemorative book, poster and PowerPoint presentation, which will be distributed at the ceremony on the UT Campus in Austin, Texas (see example below).

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Use the following guidelines to submit a high quality photo of each student you nominate from your school. Submit your photo to luzhinojosa@austin.utexas.edu. You may email digital photos (preferred), mail in printed photos (not printed on a home printer) or mail the photo on a disk.

Arrow Tips for Successful Photos

  1. Yearbook or graduation photos are preferred
  2. Take the photo at the largest size available on your camera
  3. Take the photo at the highest quality available on your camera
  4. Compose the photo carefully and allow extra space above the head
  5. Take the photo outside in the soft and even morning light (reduces shadows and squinting)
Photo Guidelines
Yearbook Photo
Photo Guidelines
Outdoor Setting
Photo Guidelines
Even Lighting

Arrow Photo Issues to Avoid

  1. No cell phone photos or “selfies”
  2. No blurry, grainy or damaged photos
  3. No background action (such as other people or distracting backgrounds)
  4. No uneven or dark lighting (such as hallways or fluorescent lighting)
  5. No white, concrete or brick walls
  6. No photos printed on a home printer
Photo Guidelines
Uneven Lighting
Photo Guidelines
Distracting Background
Photo Guidelines
Blurry Image

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