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We will select the students based on the information that you provide on this form. We will also use this information and the information the student provides on the Student Form to write a biographical sketch of each student in this year's Exemplary Migrant Student commemorative book. Therefore, we ask that you complete this form as fully and accurately as possible. Also, please note that submission of the nomination forms grants The University of Texas at Austin, K-16 Education Center, permission to publish the information provided.

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Do you recommend this student to be considered for the Creative Award? If Yes, please submit a Creative Award nomination form along with the talent submission. Forms are available online.

UT Migrant Courses

For each course the student enrolled in, indicate the type of enrollment (correspondence, on-site graded courses, credit-by-exam, online, course-on-a-disk, Algebra Across the Wire, Marketing Yourself), the course name (title, level, and semester of the course; ex.: English 4A), the status (credit, continuing or incomplete) and year the student enrolled in the course. Fill out rows completely to avoid delays in processing the application.
Enrollment TypeCourse NameStatusSchool Year Enrolled
On-Site Graded Courses
Credit by Exam
Online Courses
Algebra Across the Wire
Marketing Yourself

Please tell us why you are nominating this student for recognition as an Exemplary Migrant Student.

If you recommend this student for Student of the Year Award please provide additional information to present to the selection committee. If you wish to have your student considered for the math/science award, please specify the student’s qualifications in these areas.

Attach a good quality photo of the nominated student to be used in the commemorative book. Yearbook or graduation pictures are preferred but not required. Contact us at 512-471-0581 with questions.

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