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Nominations by Students

Thank you for choosing to complete your nomination form online.

Because we will be selecting exemplary migrant students based on the information that you and your school educator provide for us, it is important that you complete this form as fully and as accurately as you can. Also, we will be using this and the educator’s data to compose a biographical sketch of you to include in this year's Exemplary Migrant Student commemorative book. Any information that you can give us would be helpful.

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Creative Award

Are you entering a talent submission for the Creative Award? If yes, then please submit a Creative Award form along with your talent submission.

For the following questions, please answer using complete sentences and use complete words rather than acronyms. For example, instead of ROTC, write Reserve Officers Training Corps.

About Yourself

Please tell us about yourself. What are your interests?

Please tell us about your personal history. Tell us about your family (siblings, if any), and where you were born and raised.

Please tell us about your family’s migration.

When you migrate, do you perform migrant work?

When you migrate, do you attend school?

In which extracurricular and community activities have you participated? Include sports, band, school clubs, church or community organizations, part-time jobs, and volunteer work. During which school years did you participate? In which activities, if any, did you hold a leadership position?

Please list any awards, honors, academic achievements, and recognition that you have received.

Essay Questions

In the space provided, write about each of the following topics. Responses should be in the form of brief essay. Quotations from your essay may be published in the Exemplary Migrant Student Booklet.

In a short essay, write about your experiences as a migrant student.

In a short essay, write about your plans after graduation from high school.

In a short essay, tell us how the UT migrant courses have helped or are helping you.

Students who wish to be considered for Student of the Year Award must answer this question. If you want to be considered for the math/science award, please provide information pertaining to your achievement(s) and future plans in these areas of study.

Attach a good quality photo of the nominated student to be used in the commemorative book. Yearbook or graduation pictures are preferred but not required. Contact us at 512-471-0581 with questions.

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By clicking the "Submit Form" button below, you consent to the printing and releasing of student information and photo for the purpose of recognition and distribution to the general public.