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Online High School helps young professional pursue academic success

Georgia Napolitano is a very active teenager with both a growing professional career as a singer and a commitment to fulfilling charitable works in her community. In 2009 she spent her summer as a finalist with the Six Flags “Fame” National Talent Search performing at various parks while also initiating and launching the Teens4Autism charity. Her high-profile achievements led Mayor Lee Leffingwell of Austin to proclaim November 19, 2009 as “Georgia Napolitano Day.”

Georgia is able to maintain her busy life and her high school studies by pursuing her diploma through The University of Texas at Austin Online High School, a program of Continuing and Innovative Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Fully approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the Online High School was authorized by the Texas State Board of Education in 1998 to provide learners with a high school curriculum and to award diplomas. The Online High School provides an educational alternative for students who have professional careers, who are being home-schooled, who live in remote locations, who are older than traditional students, who want to accelerate their education, and who are seeking more independence in their educational choices.

In an interview, Georgia offers her own experience of taking courses with the Online High School.

Why are you enrolled in the Online High School?

I am a professional singer and, therefore, find it hard to conform to the typical school schedule. Work projects come up for me that take me away from my home for periods of time, and I find it hard trying to catch up or get the work in advance. Therefore, pursuing my diploma with the Online High School helps me to pursue my career without any added stress or pressure.

What are the benefits for you of the Online High School?

I love the flexibility of the online courses. Whenever I’m traveling for my profession, I can take my studies with me. I also love the fact that I am in control of how fast I can do the courses and in what order.

What has been your favorite course taken through the Online High School?

I like all the math classes, as they are so easy to follow with the tutorials online and the animated way they are presented.

Would you recommend other students take courses from the Online High School?

If you have a gift in the arts or sports and it is your passion, you need to have the freedom to dedicate your time and attention to that passion without falling short with your education. The UT Online High School is definitely a great a way to go if you are that type of motivated person that wants to achieve and make your dreams come true.

Tell us about how Teens4Autism got started.

I attended a luncheon for Thoughtful House, which helps children with autism, and I realized that creating a music event to raise awareness and money for autism was something I wanted to achieve. So, I went about setting up and implementing Teens4Autism, an organization that helps teenagers create their own events in their communities to raise awareness and money for autism. Our first local event, held last September at the Austin Music Hall, was beyond our wildest dreams. We plan on repeating the event in September 2010.

Georgia Napolitano’s latest pursuits and career news can be found on her official Web site.





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