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Dual Credit

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Many academically strong juniors and seniors take advantage of our dual credit options which allow students to take college courses that simultaneously fulfill high school graduation requirements. By doing this, a high school student will earn credit for not only the college course, but, also, for the equivalent high school course.

What are the benefits?

  • Experience higher education courses.
  • Earn college credit while in high school.
  • Augment a high school transcript with higher level courses.
  • Save money. (UEX online course are discounted 40% for UT High School students.)

How do I register for courses?

What are the benefits?

UEX offers many online college courses. For course descriptions, textbook information, and course price, click here.

For Economics credit (.5) complete:

  • Economics 304K OR Economics 304L.

For English IV credit (1) complete:

  • Rhetoric 306 AND English 316K: British.

For Spanish I credit (1) complete:

  • Spanish 506.

For Spanish II credit (1) complete:

  • Spanish 507.

For US Government credit (.5) complete:

  • Government 310L.

For US History credit (1) complete:

  • History 315K and History 315L.

For elective credit (.5 each) complete :

  • English 325 (for high school creative writing).
  • Math 301 (for high school math, independent study).
  • Nutrition 306 (for high school nutrition & food science).
  • Psychology 301 (for high school psychology).
  • Sociology 302 (for high school sociology).

Are there other options for dual credit?

College courses at local community colleges may also count as dual credit courses for students enrolled in the UT High School Program. Before registering, please contact your UT High School advisor.

What if I am not a UT High School student?

High school students attending a traditional high school that would like to enroll in a college level course for dual credit must contact their high school counselor before registering for any courses. For more information, visit UEX. (Note: Only UT High School students are offered a discount on UEX courses.)

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