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UT High School

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The University of Texas at Austin High School offers a state-approved educational alternative to students who want to earn a high school diploma and need, or prefer, the flexibility of online education to complete their course work.

In 1998, the Texas Board of Education authorized UT High School to provide a high school curriculum and award diplomas. We currently offer more than 52 online courses, including English, social studies, mathematics, science, languages other than English, health, computer applications, physical education, economics, and electives. All of our courses are designed by curriculum experts and meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

View our high school course listings for a complete description of each course.

Students in the UT High School come from many walks of life, but all of them have a common goal: to pursue academic success through online education. Our diverse student body includes students engaging in professional careers, competing in national level athletic events, being home-schooled, living in remote locations, taking courses to accelerate their education, and participating in school at an older age. Our program provides the flexibility for students to earn their diploma in a way that meets their personal needs.

A student must submit a registration form to attend UT High School as a full-time student. After receiving a student’s registration form, the UTHS administration evaluates the student’s transcript and creates a personal graduation plan for the student. Then, the student enrolls in each online course.

UT High School students can also choose to enroll in Dual Credit courses, which allow students to earn simultaneous college and high school credit. Students who are Texas residents, attended high school only in Texas, and plan to complete high school in an accelerated time frame, may be eligible for state-issued college tuition credits. These credits can be used at Texas colleges and universities (subject to availability of funds). Additional tuition credits may be available to students who graduate early and earn college credit during high school. For additional information contact the UT High School.

UT High School Administration

Diane York, Sr. Academic Advisor, (512) 471-4808,

Beth Cooper, Principal, (512) 471-1838,

Judith Berrean, Assistant Principal, (512) 475-9641,

UT High School Online Course Support or General Questions or (512) 471-6017

Support staff are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

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