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Glycol Dehydrators - Part 4: Maintenance, Care, and Troubleshooting (DVD)

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Glycol Dehydrators DVD Series Part 4

When we drill for oil or gas, we usually find salt water as well. This water often helps drive oil and gas to the surface. But once the oil and gas reach the surface, water becomes a nuisance. Separators remove free water from gas. But the gas that comes from the separator still contains large amounts of water vapor. To remove this water the producer uses a dehydration unit; the unit most commonly used in the field is the glycol dehydration unit.

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Part IV: Maintenance, Care, and Troubleshooting

A glycol dehydration unit requires maintenance and care if it is going to operate properly, as does the glycol itself. When something goes wrong, it can save you money if field personnel know basic troubleshooting procedures. This video program teaches personnel about the care and maintenance of a typical glycol dehydrators, as well as troubleshooting techniques. Part of the PETEX-API Audiovisual Repository. 1991, 20 minutes, 104 slides, video transfer from slides. Comes with a script, an instructor’s guide, a workbook, and glossary.


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