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Man Management and Rig Management Series (DVD)

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A nine-part video series produced by PETEX and sponsored by the International Association of Drilling Contractors in cooperation with the American Petroleum Institute and the Association of Energy Service Companies, this series is based on the publication Man Management and Rig Management. Although designed for first-line supervisors in the oil patch, the series can be used in any industry to help personnel become effective managers. A workbook and an instructor’s guide accompany each of the nine programs. Additional workbooks or instructor’s guides may be purchased for $5 each. 1983. Video production.


The Introduction to this series follows a typical day in the life of a young driller, Tom, and an experienced toolpusher, Charlie, where viewers see Tom try to be a good manager. Like most people new to the job, he makes mistakes, and Charlie does a good job explaining to him what he can do to be a more effective manager. An on-camera narrator also explains why a driller or other first-line supervisor is a manager. 1983, 25 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0600, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 1: What Is Management?

In this lesson, viewers see Tom and Charlie demonstrate the basic management skills of planning, coordinating, and instructing on the rig with the derrickman, Bobby, and other hands. The narrator joins in from time to time to point out what Tom and Charlie did right and what they did wrong. He also discusses who is responsible for developing management skills. 1983, 23 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0601, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 2: What Is Leadership?

In this lesson, Tom wants to be a good leader. The trouble is, he really doesn’t know how until Charlie and our old friend, the narrator, help him out. Watch as Tom learns what leadership is and learns its value in the workplace. The narrator relates the importance of leadership in improving productivity. 1983, 14 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0602, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 3: How Do You Handle Personnel Problems?

In this lesson, Tom is minding his own business at the brake one day when, all of a sudden, Bobby, the derrickman, starts screwing up, something that hasn’t happened before. Tom is puzzled by this until Charlie and the narrator show him what personnel problems are and the steps involved in solving them. 1983, 14 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0603, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 4: How Do You Start Out a New Hand?

In lesson 4 join Mike, a new hire, on his first day on the rig and see Tom really foul up in his role as manager. The narrator appears and shows Tom where he went wrong and what to do to improve. Luckily, Tom gets to start over with Mike and viewers see how to break in a new hand the right way. The narrator points out the special problems of new employees and the advantages of proper training. 1983, 20 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0604, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 5: How Do You Train Employees?

In this lesson, Charlie, the toolpusher, assigns Tom, the driller, the task of training his floorhands. Tom looks at the job as just more paperwork and trouble for him and fails to train Mike, the new floorhand, in the relatively simple task of reloading a cartridge into a grease gun. Charlie finds out and, with the aid of the narrator, straightens Tom out. Viewers then see Tom tackle the problems and methods involved in teaching a new skill to an employee — the right way. The narrator discusses the basic steps of teaching and points out that effective training can improve productivity. 1983, 21 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0605, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 6: Where Do You Fit into the Organization?

This lesson concentrates on helping each employee realize where they fit into their organization. For instance, as a driller, Tom has a lot of responsibilities besides just running the brake. Fortunately for him, Charlie and the narrator show him and the viewer how first-line supervisors function inside and outside the company. They emphasize the importance of good communication and cooperation between field and office and stress that developing good communication skills can benefit both the company and the employee. 1983, 20 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0606, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 7: How Do You Plan and Organize Work?

This lesson joins Tom, the driller, at home and on his rig as he struggles with planning and organizing all the things that have to be done on the job. For a change, Tom does pretty well until Leon, the relief pusher, throws him a few curves and Tom fails to take into account some unexpected occurrences. The narrator explains how good planning is essential for effective management and outlines basic steps in organizing work. 1983, 21 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0607, DVD. $163.00

Lesson 8: How Can Work Be Done More Efficiently?

In this lesson, Tom is full of ideas about how to improve efficiency on the rig. The trouble is, some of his ideas are really not so great. Leon and the narrator show how efficient use of equipment and labor can reduce costs and increase job safety and show Tom some ways to improve job efficiency. The narrator also summarizes the main points in all nine lessons. 24 minutes, workbook, instructor’s guide.

Cat. no. 65.0608, DVD. $163.00


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