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Rotaries, Blocks, and Swivels Series (DVD)

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Catalog No. 65.1069

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This video series describes the parts, function and maintenance of the rotary table and swivel. The purpose is to extend the life of the equipment and increase personal safety on the rig.

Part I: The Swivel

The swivel is a rather remarkable piece of equipment. When rotary drilling first began, there was no precedent for a machine which could do all the tasks they wanted this piece to do. It haas to support the whole weight of the drill string, permit the drill string to rotate, and afford a pressure-tight seal and passageway for drilling mud to be pumped down inside the drill string. This video presentation explains the function, workings, and maintenance of the swivel with an eye to longer equipment life and increased personnel safety on the rig. Produced in cooperation with Continental Emsco-LTV. 1980, 19 minutes, 139 slides, video transfer. Comes with a script.

Cat. no. 65.1070, DVD. $110.00

Part II: The Rotary Table

The rotary table rotates or spins the drill pipe, causing the drill bit to rotate when you’re making hole, and bears the whole weight of the drill string when you’re tripping. This training video shows the rotary table broken down into its component parts and gives table construction, workings, and basic maintenance. The presentation stresses that a well-planned preventive maintenance program is the key to long rotary life. Produced in cooperation with Continental Emsco-LTV. 1981, 20 minutes, 137 slides, video transfer. Comes with a script.

Cat. no. 65.1071, DVD. $110.00

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