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The Physics of Reservoir Fluids: Discovery Through Downhole Fluid Analysis: Schlumberger Book

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2010 Award of Excellence Recipient presented by the Houston Chapter for the Society for Technical Communication

By: Dr. Oliver C. Mullins

Recipient of SPWLA Distinguished Technical Achievement Award and SPE Distinguished Member Award

Downhole fluid analysis (DFA) is a new, rapidly growing discipline in wireline logging and has become a keystone in reservoir evaluation. Dr. Oliver C. Mullins, primary originator of DFA, discusses the twin failed and overly optimistic assumptions that oil reservoirs consist of “one giant tank of one homogeneous hydrocarbon.” He provides tools to exploit near-infrared, visible and fluorescence spectroscopy to uncover compartmentalization and hydrocarbon fluid complexities in subsurface reservoir formations.

This book is written for non-technologists and technologists alike. It targets the specific needs of asset managers and asset team technologists such as reservoir engineers and petrophysicists. Dr. Mullins explores how DFA naturally finds compositional gradients and identifies compartments by simple new methods. His approach offers novel ways to establish reservoir connectivity with new data streams not previously encountered in reservoir examination.

Content includes distribution of reservoir fluids and their characterization by DFA. Chapters describe the evolving understanding of reservoir complexities through DFA interpretation. DFA relies on optical spectroscopy, a technology not previously used in the upstream oil business. The book also covers the photophysics of reservoir fluids and establishes in broad context the scientific validity of DFA measurements.

As Reservoir Domain Champion for Wireline Headquarters of Schlumberger, Dr. Mullins has become a pivotal force in the field of Downhole Fluid Analysis. A chemist with a PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University, Dr. Mullins is a Distinguished Lecturer for both SPE and SPWLA. He has coedited 3 books on asphaltenes, coauthored 140 publications, and coinvented 52 allowed U.S. patents.

2008, 107 full-color graphics, 184 pp.

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