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Well Cementing

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This is part of the Oil and Gas Production Series

Oilwell cementing is the process of mixing a slurry of cement, water, and additives and pumping it down through steel casing to critical points in the annular space between the wall of the well and the outside of the casing. Cement has three principal functions in the well: (1) to restrict fluid movement between formations, (2) to bond the casing to the formation, and (3) to provide support for the casing. This comprehensive training manual gives the reader an overview of cement composition, cementing methods, and equipment. Topics include application and composition considerations, additives, primary and secondary cementing, and cementing equipment. Readable language, clearly labeled illustrations and photographs, a glossary, and helpful self-test review questions help the reader understand the material. ISBN 0-88698-112-3. 1983, 82 pp.

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