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Automatic Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (DVD)
¿Así que Quiere Trabajar en Pozos Petroleros? (So You Want To Be A Roughneck?) DVD
Calculation of Gas Volume Flow (DVD)
Care and Maintenance of Blocks, Top Drives, and Rotaries (DVD)
Cement and Cement Additives (DVD)
Diesel Prime Movers (DVD)
El Uso Apropiado de las Herramientas de Mano (Use and Care of Basic Tools) DVD
El Uso Seguro de las Tenazas para Tubería de Perforación (Safe Use of Drill Pipe Tongs) DVD
Fundamentals of Meter Proving and Evaluation (DVD)
Gas Lift - Part 1:  Well Model and Lift (DVD)
Gas Lift - Part 2:  The Well, Flowing, Dead, and Unloading (DVD)
Gas Lift - Part 3:  Effect of Gas Rates & Depth of Injection on Well Performance (DVD)
Gas Lift - Part 4:  The Effect of Surface Conditions on Gas-Lift Performance (DVD)
Gas Lift - Part 5:  Valve Spacing and Pressuring (DVD)
Gas Lift Series (DVD)
Gas Measurement by Orifice Meters (DVD)
Gauging Petroleum and Petroleum Product Heights in Stationary Tanks (DVD)
Gauging, Testing, and Running of Lease Tanks (DVD)
Glycol Dehydrators - Part 1: Principles of Operation (DVD)
Glycol Dehydrators - Part 2: Operating Conditions and Limits (DVD)
Glycol Dehydrators - Part 3: Unit Start-Up and Shutdown (DVD)
Glycol Dehydrators - Part 4: Maintenance, Care, and Troubleshooting (DVD)
Glycol Dehydrators Series (DVD)
Hand Injuries in Drilling (DVD)
Hand Injuries in Well Service and Workover Operations (DVD)
Handling and Running Buoyant Riser (DVD)
Handling and Running Casing (DVD)
Hearing Conservation: A Sense of Importance
Introduction to LACT Systems (DVD)
Introduction to Well Control (DVD)
Introduction to Well Control Certificate Program
Kimray Glycol Pump - Part 3: Tear-Down (DVD)
Liner Cementing (DVD)
Makin’ Hole: How Oilwells are Drilled (DVD)
Makin’ Hole: How Oilwells are Drilled Certificate Program
Manos Lesionadas Durante Operaciones de Perforación (Hand Injuries in Drilling) DVD
Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (DVD)
Measurement of Petroleum and Petroleum Product Cargoes Aboard Marine Vessels (DVD)
Moving Your Rig (DVD)
No Fishing This Year: Care and Handling of Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, and Tool Joints (DVD)
Operation of Daniel Senior Orifice Fittings (DVD)
Orifice Plates and Orifice Fittings (DVD)
Profile: The Petroleum Industry (DVD)
Proving Meters with Open Tank Provers (DVD)
Roughneck Training - Part 1: Care and Use of Tongs (DVD)
Roughneck Training - Part 2: Laying Down Pipe (DVD)
Roughneck Training - Part 3: Making A Trip (DVD)
Roughneck Training - Part 4: Making A Connection (DVD)
Roughneck Training - Part 5: Care and Handling of Rotary Slips (DVD)
Roughneck Training Series (DVD)
Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders (DVD)
Safe Use of Drill Pipe Tongs (DVD)
So You Want to Be a Roughneck? (DVD)
So You Want to Be a Roughneck? Certificate Program
Tank Calibration (DVD)
The Drawworks (DVD)
The Pit Watcher (DVD)
Use and Care of Basic Tools (DVD)
Uso Seguro de Carreteles y Elevadores Neumáticos (Safe Use of Catheads and Air Hoists) DVD

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