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Circulating System

(also available in Spanish)

The circulating system moves drilling fluid down the drill string, out the bit nozzles, and back to the surface equipment for recirculation. In this module you will learn about the circulating system components, processes for liquid and air/gas drilling fluids, and the critical role that drilling fluid has in the drilling process. The Circulating System module consists of the following:
  • Lesson 1—Circulating System Overview
  • Lesson 2—Drilling Fluids Overview and Functions
  • Lesson 3—Basic Drilling Fluid Properties
  • Lesson 4—Liquid Drilling Fluids
  • Lesson 5—Air-Gas and Aerated Drilling Fluids
  • Lesson 6—Circulating System Equipment
  • Lesson 7—Circulating System Components (Air and Gas)
  • Circulating System Glossary
  • Quiz

  • Circulating System E-Learning It should take you approximately 150–180 minutes to complete this module. A passing score earns you a Certificate of Completion.

    Recommended viewing resolution: 1280x1024

    A Spanish translation is available for the same price. Cat. no: 92.M0511.

    For multiple licenses or to use the Circulating System e-learning module in training, please contact us at 800.687.4132 or 512.471.5940 or by sending an email to

    e-Learning Module
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