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Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing

Finding petroleum is not the only requisite to production. Before an oil company can develop a reservoir, it must obtain the legal rights for such exploitation. For offshore tracts in the United States, legal rights to explore are regulated by federal and state governments. In the Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing module you will learn how:
  • Federal and state governments regulate offshore rights
  • Leases in the Gulf of Mexico planning areas are managed
  • Companies compete and cooperate for oil in the same petroleum reservoir
  • The lease sale process works
  • Bids are developed, approved or rejected

  • Offshore Leasing The following lessons include audio presentations, animations, interactive exercises, and practice quizzes:
  • Lesson 1—Regulatory Overview
  • Lesson 2—Partnerships and Joint Operating Agreements
  • Lesson 3—Offshore Lease Sale Process
  • Quiz
  • Glossary

  • It should take you about 45 minutes to 60 minutes to complete this module. A passing score earns you a Certificate of Completion.

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