The Original Rig School™—Sharing Knowledge and Connections!

The Original Rig School™—Sharing Knowledge and Connections!

Austin, Texas. June 27, 2012. Alumni of PETEX’s Rig School™ know the value of this unique course (also known as Introduction to Offshore Operations). You probably know others in your organization or throughout the expansive global offshore oil and gas industry who have attended the PETEX school as generations of employees have completed this legacy course since its inception in 1976. In fact, its name evolved from an earlier edition of the course —the School of Offshore Drilling Practices—as far back as 1965! It was introduced in the 1970s as Introduction to Offshore Operations but was quickly named the Rig School by the many students who attended and referred the course to their colleagues. A well-attended Rig School Reunion event held in London in 2009 attests to the popularity of this special school.

For over 35 years, the PETEX Rig School has held a long-standing reputation of quality content, interactive learning, and fun networking opportunities. Held a minimum of three times each year, enrollment is consistently strong among those seeking knowledge of offshore-related topics from the geophysics of offshore exploration and well planning to production, storage, catastrophes, insurance, economics, and maritime law.

For insurers, accountants, and attorneys, this course is a must-attend. Not only do you earn professional and continuing education credits but you enjoy exceptional interactive opportunities among various professionals from major companies in related fields of work—plus, you can participate in interesting field trips and fun social events. No wonder students around the world are talking about this one-of-a-kind school offered only by The University of Texas at Austin-PETEX.

Since 1944, the Petroleum Extension (PETEX) of The University of Texas at Austin has led the charge, satisfying clients’ needs with quality courses, publications, and training aids. PETEX remains committed to serving the specialized training needs of the oil and gas industry. To enroll in the Original PETEX Rig School or any of our courses, click Training Courses :: Intro to Offshore Operations: The Rig School –A PETEX Legacy for Over 35 Years! :: Petroleum Extension and register online or call (800) 687-7052; or email As a contributing member of today’s vital offshore oil and gas industry, this is a course you won’t want to miss.


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