PETEX Instructor Led Courses

Training courses are taught by professionals from the oil and gas industry with current knowledge and years of field experience. Courses allow for open discussion and ample interaction with instructors and fellow participants. Our curriculum combines lectures, classroom exercises, hands-on training, and field trips fostering an optimal learning experience.

Upon satisfactory completion of a course, you will receive a certificate from The University of Texas. Please note, however, that the schools are not for academic credit and are not part of a college degree program. Certain licensing agencies have approved PETEX courses for professional development credits for their members.

Any of these courses can be held at a location of your choosing and we are happy to discuss customizing any of the courses according to your company-specific requirements.

Northwest Houston Chamber of Commerce

Basics of Liquified Natural Gas
LNG: Basics of Liquefied Natural Gas

Popular Introductory Courses
Elementary Drilling Offshore
Elementary Drilling Onshore
Petroleum Fundamentals
Petroleum Fundamentals - D.C. Metro Area
The Rig School™ – Intro to Offshore Operations – A PETEX Legacy for Over 35 Years!

Mass Measurement (Direct and Inferred)
Mass Measurement of Hydrocarbon Fluids (Direct and Inferred)

Liquid Petroleum Measurement
Advanced Petroleum Measurement (third of three levels)
Fundamentals of Petroleum Measurement (first of three levels)
Intermediate Petroleum Measurement (second of three levels)

Natural Gas Measurement
Natural Gas Measurement–Electronic Flow Measurement
Natural Gas Measurement–Fundamentals

Field Handling of Natural Gas
Field Handling of Natural Gas—Emphasis on Engineering
Field Handling of Natural Gas—Emphasis on Operations

Plant Processing of Natural Gas
Plant Processing of Natural Gas—Emphasis on Engineering
Plant Processing of Natural Gas—Emphasis on Operations

Pipeline Technology
Hydraulics for Pipeline Engineers
Hydraulics for Pipeline Operators
Pipeline Construction Inspection
Pipeline Technology – Week 1: Pipeline Design
Pipeline Technology – Week 2: Operations
Pipeline Technology – Week 3: Maintenance

Production Technology
Completion and Workover – First Week
Completion and Workover – Second Week
Production Technology (Newly Revised)

ValvePro® Certified Valve Maintenance Technician
Valves and Actuators (Operation and Maintenance)

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