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How to transfer school credit from Mexico to the U.S. using CIE’s LUCHA program



LUCHA is designed to help Spanish-speaking students from Mexico transition into Texas public schools. Learn how LUCHA analyzes transcripts to place students correctly in the school system and give them credit for courses they've already taken.

Mining HR professional discusses benefits of CIE’s Texas Mine Safety and Health Program

Chris Aleman


Chris Aleman of Fordyce Holdings Inc. is a long-time client of CIE's Texas Mine Safety and Health Program. He answers our questions about the program and the new national mine safety program launched recently on the UT Austin campus.

Project Manager Zahid Yoosufani discusses PETEX’s new line of e-books

Zahid Yoosufani


Zahid Yoosufani discusses the benefits of e-books and how PETEX responded to high customer demand to make these materials available.

Will Apple’s iPad impact distance education?

Will Apple's iPad impact distance education?


Apple’s latest product, the iPad, promises users that they will “see the Web, e-mail, and photos like never before.” But does the iPad live up to its promises? And what does it hold for students and educators?

UEX helps international students adapt to life and study in the U.S.

SABIC Foundation students


University Extension partners with the university’s International Office to offer courses that help students from Saudi Arabia adapt to life and study in the United States. The SABIC program helps these students become acclimated to American educational and societal customs.

How to Develop Personal and Professional “Mojo,” Part 2

How to Develop Personal and Professional


In Part II of this "how to," discover how you can avoid "nojo" and increase "mojo" in your home and work life by defining "happiness" and "meaning" for you.

Grayson Cecil helps establish OLLI’s newest program: UT NOVA

Grayson Cecil of OLLI's UT NOVA program


Due to high demand, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute introduces it's newest program for adult learners: UT NOVA. As one of its first members, Grayson Cecil has the opportunity to help form the program and determine what courses and lectures are scheduled.

UEX uses social media to reach students


Social media experts suggest that an effective way to promote new services and build community is through creating contests. University Extension has launched a series of contests on their Facebook page offering students a chance to win prizes, such as registration discounts.

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