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Jason Mellard: Coming home to Texas music


At some point in his life, Jason Mellard crossed the line from fanboy to scholar. He grew up listening to artists like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. But took a detour into rock during his adolescence. Eventually, Jason came home again to study the cultural impact of his first love: Texas music.

UTCPE helps Round Rock ISD department achieve performance excellence

Dwight Benson of Round Rock ISD Purchasing


Assistant Director Dwight Benson of the Round Rock ISD Purchasing Department describes how working with the University of Texas Center for Performance Excellence has helped his organization improve.

How to Develop Personal and Professional “Mojo,” Part 1

How to Develop Personal and Professional


What is “mojo?” According to best-selling business author Marshall Goldsmith, “mojo” is “that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts on the inside and radiates to the outside.” Get tips on how to increase your mojo to lead and happier, more meaninful life.

Bob Mitchell helps OLLI connect to UT’s rising scholars

Bob Mitchell


Bob Mitchell’s dedication to bringing dynamic programming to UT QUEST has resulted in his finding a unique way to build bridges to our campus' graduate students and the university's centers of excellence.

Colleen Wells gets ahead with UT Online High School

Colleen Wells, student of UT Online High School


Colleen Wells is a highly-motivated, advanced student enrolled in UT’s Online High School. Her motivation comes from a great eagerness to learn, to achieve good grades, and to excel in school so that “all of my higher education options are open to me.”

Lia Clarkson finds lifeline through OLLI

Lia Clarkson of OLLI's UT FORUM


Lia Clarkson is a member of UT FORUM™, of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). She credits OLLI with providing her with a "special lifeline" at a crucial time in her life.

Meet Yuteh Ma, Assistant Dean for IT in CIE

Yuteh Mah


Yuteh Ma is originally from China, having come to the U.S. in 1986 to study computer science at UT Austin. Upon his graduation in 1990, CIE was fortunate enough to recruit him for a programmer position. He now fills the role of Assistant Dean for CIE-IT.

How to Harness Your Company’s “Informal Networks”


Workers often use their workplace relationships, or "informal networks," to accomplish tasks more quickly than following the “formal” reporting structure. Increasingly, managers are learning how to use these networks to the company's advantage.

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