CIE staff meet for Spring 2012 Professional Development Day


On Wednesday, January 11, Continuing and Innovative Education (CIE) held its spring 2012 Professional Development Day. Team members from all CIE components gathered to take part in professional development activities, celebrate 2011's successes and look forward to the future. The event, called “New Visions” marked the first time CIE’s Executive Director, Dr. Linda Glessner, addressed the staff in her new role as division leader.

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“While some of our resolutions are the same – we will remain committed to extending the resources of the university to anyone with a desire to learn – we are also transforming the division to enhance the university’s mission," said Dr. Glessner. "We are going to continue to offer that high quality of learning that will help individuals achieve their goals. And now we are into 2012, and we as a division are embarking on a brand new chapter. We're going to transition this organization so that it more fully enhances and enriches the university's mission. We must rethink, reframe and refocus what we do so that we can stay nimble and responsive to the needs of campus. And we are going to do that in such a way that we become the 'go to' entity on campus for new innovations and new business solutions. Why is that? Because we are good at it.”

The day kicked off with activities in small groups made up of staff members from different CIE components to find common challenges within our organization. In the facilitated discussions, everyone was encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about the challenges of the previous year and their goals for the coming year. After the group discussions, representatives of each group then shared those challenges with the entire assembly. The goal was to integrate team members from different enterprises and functions to give everyone an opportunity to meet new people, discover more about the breadth of programs and services provided by their colleagues, and find a common ground on what improvements can be made.

The staff then moved upstairs to the main meeting room in the Thompson Conference Center (TCC) to hear from Dr. Glessner as she shared successes from each component with the staff and her hopes for the division’s future. She outlined three determinants to guide CIE’s efforts in the coming year:

  • Customer Service: “A direct correlation to success,” said Dr. Glessner. “Customer Service is about what each and every one us do every day. Each of us needs to accept the responsibility to answer the call—whatever that call may be—to better serve our clients. Everyone has that shared responsibility.”
  • Relationship Building: “We each need to take the time to build and sustain quality, respectful, trustworthy relationships with our clients and our colleagues. If we show caring, speed and close attention to our customer’s needs, we build long-term relationships that result in success.”
  • Respecting and Valuing Each Other: “This is a subject that I care a lot about,” summed up Dr. Glessner. “We must take the time to validate and recognize each other. We need to work in unison and work together to make our division shine.”
An example of how CIE respects and values its staff came during Dr. Glessner’s presentation of CIE’s 2011 Truly Outstanding Performer (TOP) Award to Peggy Wimberley of the K-16 Education Center. Peggy was honored for contributing to the success of the Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program, a program that turns 25 years old in 2012. Peggy has played a leadership role with the program since its inception.

Stacy McCracken of CIE’s leadership team then introduced a professional development video presentation from Alison Levine, an adventurer and explorer best known for climbing Mount Everest as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. She relayed her experiences of climbing Mount Everest as a lesson in staying focused, moving forward and making a difference.

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Mayola Toliver

Heidi Parker

Christy Cunningham

Dr. Linda Glessner, Executive Director of CIE

Yuteh Ma

Jan Braboy

CIE team members assemble for the 2012 Professional Development Day.

Linda Glessner, Peggy Wimberley, Gisela Greco

Elizabel Bordallo and Betsy Arumi

Frank Baca, Diane York and Robin Torres Gouzerh

DeCarlos Roberson

Sonja Herrington speaks at the CIE Professional Development Day..


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