CIE honors long-term team members at 2012 Staff Service Awards


Each May, The University of Texas at Austin recognizes its long-term staff members with the Staff Service Awards. This awards program honors employees who have worked at the university for 10 or more years. The first award is made at 10 years, with subsequent awards being given at 5-year intervals.

View the photo gallery below from CIE’s ceremony.

On May 11, members of CIE and special guests gathered at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center for a special luncheon to recognize 16 of our own staff members who have earned 2012 Staff Service Awards. Each recipient walked CIE’s very own “red carpet” to accept a framed award certificate and special Longhorn lapel pin signifying their years of service at the university. Executive Director Linda Glessner presented the awards and introduced each recipient’s supervisor who then spoke of their own favorite memories of working with their Service Award recipient.

“Today is a celebration for our colleagues to recognize their contributions to the university and to CIE. As you reach this milestone in your career with the university, it is with great pride that I present your service award to you,” stated Dr. Glessner at the beginning of the presentation. “This award reflects our appreciation for your dedicated years of service and is a symbol of your personal and professional achievements. The people who make up CIE are and always will be our greatest asset. Please know you are all important members of our team and your abilities and contributions are an integral part of our continued success.”

At the same ceremony, CIE also honored two essential members of our team who were selected by the office of President Bill Powers to be counted among the university’s Outstanding Staff members: Monica Peña-Mercado of the Thompson Conference Center and Katherine Sangster of the UT Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (UT OLLI).

“Only 30 people are chosen as ‘outstanding’ out of about 15,000 university staff members,” remarked Linda Glessner. “This honor recognizes the good work we do in CIE at the personal level, but it also recognizes CIE as a division of quality at the university.”

Over the past two years, Monica Peña-Mercado has taken on the challenge and responsibility of transforming the Informal Classes program, a program that was almost shut down by the university, and turning it into a vibrant and engaging new program. She provided valuable assistance to Pat Watson, the director of TCC, by redesigning the business model of Informal Classes to ensure its economic viability and longevity. She also works hard to produce the best possible customer service and programs for TCC. Monica was also awarded CIE's 2011 Spring TOP Award for her great contributions to Informal Classes and the overall division.

Katherine Sangster is responsible for the successful operation of UT OLLI, a lifelong learning program that boasts over 1,700 members. The university’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is one of the largest in the country in terms of number of members and volume of programming. She and her team successfully coordinate over 800 lectures and seminar sessions, 20 field trips and 15 socials each year. Kathy brings a wealth of experience to her role after serving educational and non-profit organizations throughout her career. Most importantly, Kathy holds a deep appreciation for the program’s impact on the lives of its members, and she has worked tirelessly to maintain UT OLLI’s integrity in our community.

Congratulations to all of our 2012 award recipients!

Service Award Honorees

10 years:

  • Kimberly Carella, Professional Development Center
  • Lee Humphries, K-16 Education Center
  • Zuleyka Izquierdo, K-16 Education Center
  • Wiley Koepp, CIE Information Technology
  • Maureen Limond, K-16 Education Center
  • Heidi Parker, K-16 Education Center
  • Monica Peña-Mercado, Thompson Conference Center
  • Edmara Cavalcanti Reid, University Extension
  • Louis Scaruffi, University of Texas-University Charter School
  • Eusebia Vargas, K-16 Education Center

15 years:

  • Stephanie Hernandez, K-16 Education Center
  • Cynthia Story, CIE-Executive Director’s Office
  • Carol Tremaine, University Extension
  • Andrea Zabcik, K-16 Education Center

  • 20 years:

    • Nancy Seelig, Thompson Conference Center

    45 years:

    • Lillian Garza, University Extension

    Outstanding Staff Award recipients

    • Monica Peña-Mercado
    • Katherine Sangster

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    Kathy Sangster Linda Glessner Kimberley Carella Kimberley Carella is presented with Service Award. Frank Baca presents Lee Humphries with his Service Award.
    Lee Humphries Frank Baca, Stephanie Humphries, Lee Humphries, Linda Glessner Wiley Koepp xx, Wiley Koepp, Linda Glessner Maureen Limond
    Diane York, Julia Hearne, Maureen Limond, Linda Glessner Mayda Cruz, Cindy Story, Elizabeth Steinour Heidi Parker on the red carpet Heidi Parker Mark Alvarado, Gisela Greco-Llamas, Heidi Parker, Linda Glessner
    Edmara Cavalcanti Reid Jo Anne Shea, Edmara Cavalcanti Reid, Linda Glessner Eusebia Vargas on the red carpet. Eusebia Vargas. Luz Hinojosa, Silvano Vargas, Eusebia Vargas, Linda Glessner
    Cindy Story on the red carpet Jeff Treichel, Cindy Story, Linda Glessner Andrea Zabcik, Gisela Greco-Llamas Nancy Hanson, Gisela Greco-Llamas, Andrea Zabcik, Linda Glessner Elizabeth Steinour
    Gwyn Boyter Elisabel Bordallo Frank Baca Gavino Abrigo Hook 'Em
    Hook 'Em and Linda Glessner Hook 'Em and Jeff Treichel Hook 'Em and Mayda Cruz Hook 'Em and Diane York. Cindy Story, Hook 'Em, Nancy Hanson, Andrea Zabcik


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