Steven Leslie
Executive Vice President and Provost Steven Leslie

A message from Provost Steven Leslie


100 years—it’s a milestone unlike any other. It speaks to commitment. It speaks to tradition. It speaks to success.

100 years of Continuing & Innovative Education at The University of Texas at Austin is a remarkable achievement. But even more remarkable are the great changes we have seen in education, in technology, and in the growing diversity of our students and their needs. In order to grow and lead for 100 years, Continuing & Innovative Education has never stopped looking to what’s next—in learning, in innovation and in industry. I am proud of Continuing & Innovative Education’s keen ability to adapt to changing needs and provide programs consistent with the high standards of excellence at the university.

100 years ago, Continuing and Innovative Education was founded “to make useful knowledge available to Texans wherever they might be.” The division began by delivering distance education materials via horse and buggy through the university’s package loan library. Today, thanks to the leaps and bounds made by technology, physical boundaries have been eliminated and students around the world benefit from a rich variety of classroom and online programs. From K-16 and college courses, to professional development and lifelong learning, Continuing & Innovative Education brings valuable opportunities for learning not only to the people of Texas, but to anyone, anywhere, with a hunger for knowledge.

Congratulations to Continuing & Innovative Education for successfully serving and enriching students for 100 great years. Based on the enormous changes and advances we’ve seen during its first 100 years, I look with great anticipation to what the future holds for Continuing & Innovative Education.


Steven W. Leslie
Executive Vice President and Provost
The University of Texas at Austin


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