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Rhonda Brink will be a featured speaker at "Smart Planning for Smart Women: Protecting Yourself, Your Family, Your Assets" on November 3, 2010

Attorney Rhonda Brink discusses estate planning and “Smart Planning for Smart Women”


On Wednesday, November 3, Continuing and Innovative Education (CIE), in collaboration with Gift and Estate Planning at The University of Texas at Austin, hosts a free seminar entitled Smart Planning for Smart Women: Protecting Yourself, Your Family, Your Assets. This hour long session, which may be attended either in person at the Thompson Conference Center or via the Web, provides participants with valuable tips and information about estate planning, focusing specifically on the special considerations and needs of women.

Rhonda Brink and Frances Bennett, Attorneys at Law and Board Certified in Estate Planning, will be the featured speakers for this event. Rhonda recently answered our questions about what participants can expect to take away from the event and why estate planning is so important.

What are the biggest mistakes made by women in regard to estate planning?
Rhonda Brink: “Not realizing that they need to have the basics in place at a very early age. At least a Will should be considered—if not when they first become an adult, then certainly as soon as they marry or start acquiring financial assets, and please, please, once they have children. Texas law is consumer-friendly for probate and settlement of estates when a properly drafted and executed Will is in place, but very unfriendly if not.”

What is the first step anyone should take towards securing their financial future?
"To start early and stay late. This is a lifelong task and the earlier a person realizes that and starts to plan for their financial needs—including college expenses for themselves or their children and retirement—the easier it is to achieve personal goals. A team consisting of good investment counsel, including a certified financial planner, an accountant and an estate planning attorney, can help you get to the finish."

What are the benefits of attending this seminar?
“Frances Bennett and I will introduce the participants to the emotional and economic costs of not planning and we will talk about common mistakes that are made in connection with, and misunderstandings about, estate planning.”

What do you hope participants in the seminar will take away from this event?
“They will leave with some very practical steps for getting started and understanding the importance of keeping their estate plans up-to-date. We will look at how the nature of one’s assets, the type of bequests they want to make, their own status and the tax law – all enter into the design of an estate plan. And we will talk generally about what good planning might cost.”

Registration for this free event is required. Space is limited, so register today.


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