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Our students, faculty and staff have filled the last 100 years with stories of great determination, personal sacrifice, joyful accomplishment, and rich discovery

CIE celebrates centennial


A century of Continuing and Innovative Education (CIE) is a milestone that represents unfathomable change--in education, in society, in how people live, work and learn. As the title of this blog asks, “How do you fill 100 years?”

While we could answer that question with reports and figures, we’d rather use this blog to share stories about the people who’ve been impacted over the years, and continue to be impacted, by CIE.

Our students have filled the last 100 years with stories of great determination, personal sacrifice, joyful accomplishment and rich discovery. The history of our university, our city, our state, even our world is truly reflected in the past 100 years of CIE teaching and learning.

CIE spans a wide range of increasingly international learners—from high school students seeking an alternative to regular classes to adults seeking a new way to grow and relate to their world. In addition to people from virtually every corner of the university, CIE students include:

  • Working professionals increasing their marketability and exploring new areas of study

  • Migrant students earning high school credits on the road through distance learning programs

  • Oil and mine workers benefiting from industry-standard courses and materials

  • Adult, lifelong learners seeking educational and personal enrichment

  • Business, military, and healthcare organizations looking to achieve and sustain performance excellence

  • Spanish-speaking high school students coming to live in the United States and attempting to receive school credit earned in their home countries

Join us as we explore the individual lives touched by CIE’s programs, departments, faculty and staff. We hope you discover many interesting stories over the course of this blog. We anticipate that together these stories will create a vivid portrait of CIE’s character—one of passionate learning and insatiable curiosity.

We also invite you to share your own story of how CIE has affected your life. Visit the “Tell Your Story” page and let us know about your relationship to our division. Your story may become featured on this blog.

We look forward to embarking on this look at the last 100 years and even a peek at what’s around the corner. Hold on. We’re in for an exciting journey.


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