CIE hosts Tour Guatemala, its first cultural exchange event in Central America


On February, 19 – 23, the Division of Continuing and Innovative Education (CIE) hosted the first of several planned cultural exchange excursions to Antigua, Guatemala. Dr. Linda Glessner, Executive Director of CIE, led a group of 16 travelers from Austin to Antigua for the ‘Tour Guatemala’ educational travel event. The group used Casa Herrera, a 17th Century Spanish Colonial property located in the heart of Antigua, as a home base while exploring local, historical points of interest and taking part in lectures and tours taught by professors from the university and Mesoamerican scholars.

Casa Herrera is operated by the Mesoamerica Center, a program of the university’s Department of Art and Art History in the College of Fine Arts.

View the photo gallery of Tour Guatemala below.

One of the guests, Maggie Mahoney, a graduate student in Educational Administration at the university, offered her own take on the event: “I loved it. I decided to go on the trip about 3 weeks before it was scheduled. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.” She continues, “It was a great opportunity to get away, have a vacation and also learn something. It was so relaxed and calm. I loved waking up and going to class and then in the afternoon being immersed in the culture and what we learned about earlier in the day.” When asked about the quality of the instruction, Maggie said, “The educators were very helpful and knowledgeable, but they were also personable. It wasn’t the typical lecture environment. It was interactive. I would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone who considers going in the future.”

While in Antigua, guests took part in a cultural walking tour of the city led by scholar Elizabeth Bell; a coffee plantation tour at Finca Filadelfia, one of the oldest and most established coffee estates in Guatemala; a field trip to the historic Iglesia de San Francisco cathedral; a field trip to the Iximche Archaeological Park; and a trip to the Antigua Artesania Market to explore unique Mayan textiles and handicrafts.

Watch this blog for news of upcoming CIE tours and classes at Casa Herrera. You may also visit the Casa Herrera website for news of additional educational events at that Casa.

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Photos by Harlin Hanson.


Tour Guatemala

Walking through the streets of Antigua

Hotel Posado De Don Rodrigo

Hiking through Finca Filadelfia

A view from Casa Herrera

Antigua by night

native pottery


La Concepcion

Rene Ozaeta of Casa Herrera

Fountains at Hotel Posado De Don Rodrigo

cathedral arches

VolcanAgua against the mountains

Iximche temple

Michael Sullivan, Linda Glessner, Liliya Spinazzola and Maureen Schwartz

Touring the Finca Filadelfia coffee plantation

Hospital Real Santiago

Mayan ruin

Iglesias El Carmen

La Merced


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