CIE works to form Confucius Institute


Linda Glessner, senior associate dean of Continuing & Innovative Education (CIE), has been working with the Minister of Education in China to bring a Confucius Institute program to The University of Texas at Austin. Headquartered in Beijing, the Confucius Institutes are non-profit public institutions that aim to promote the Chinese language and culture in the U.S. through educating communities around the world. There are already over 35 Confucius Institute programs on other U.S. college campuses.

As Glessner remarks in the above video, CIE was approached by our higher education peers in China to participate in a knowledge exchange between the university and China. This exchange would take the shape of the Confucius Institute, a campus-wide collaboration to bring the study of Chinese language, art, culture and business to the Austin area. CIE will work closely with both the Chinese Minister of Education and many of the schools and colleges on our campus (such as the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Architecture, and the McCombs School of Business) to create critical programs of study and provide rich opportunities for study:

  • Students will have unique study abroad opportunities in China.
  • Faculty will be able to contribute to research taking place in China.
  • The entire Austin community will have opportunities to take part in a variety of courses, lectures and seminars targeted at all ages—K-12, lifelong learners, and working professionals.

China is a global superpower with tremendous financial holdings in the world economy. By forming this unique relationship with China, CIE strengthens the learning and future positioning of our students in our global economy.

CIE anticipates a final approval from the Office of Chinese Language Council International to move forward on the Confucius Institute in summer 2010. Stay tuned to the CIE Web site and this blog for future updates on the Confucius Institute.


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