ASKME online courses
The ASKME online courses incorporate animated characters using math in everyday situations.

CIE’s ASKME™ provides opportunities for online learning and independence


CIE’s K-16 Education Center provides high school students with a range of online tools, courses and opportunities to help them succeed in high school and earn their diplomas. One innovative set of courses, created and introduced by CIE in 2003, is the ASKME™ online math and science courses. ASKME, which stands for "Acquire and Self-Regulate Knowledge in a Multimedia Environment," offers a suite of high school science and math courses for students looking for alternative learning methods to help them earn important high school credit.

ASKME was developed through a grant from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The grant from TEA stipulated that CIE design online courses that would use the latest technologies and learning techniques to help students succeed academically.

Online courses require students to be disciplined and responsible to complete assignments in a timely manner, independent of outside forces. ASKME courses are designed to use “real world” scenarios in their lessons to allow students to relate their math problems to everyday situations. By providing real world scenarios, students see the value in understanding mathematics and how learning will help them be more successful in life. The math suite is made up of Algebra I (9th grade), Geometry (10th grade) and Algebra II (11th grade). CIE also offers CD-ROM courses in Pre-Calculus and Math Models.

ASKME courses are typically used in three different learning scenarios:

  • ASKME is often used by schools in a classroom setting. There are 10 Texas schools/districts that have site licenses to use the ASKME online courses. Hundreds of students have access to the courses through these licenses. Teachers will introduce a concept in the classroom, students are then instructed to learn more online with ASKME, and then teachers test students to assess their learning outcomes.

  • Students with CIE’s UT Online High School use ASKME courses to earn credit toward earning their high school diploma.

  • Independent learners, those who are enrolled in a Texas public school, can either recover credits or earn additional credits through the ASKME courses.

To learn more about ASKME or other opportunities for high school students, please visit the K-16 Education Center Web site.


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