Dean Judy Ashcroft offers a look at the future of continuing education, Part Two


In the video above, Dean Judy Ashcroft of Continuing & Innovative Education (CIE), offers the second part of her answer to the question, “What do you believe is the future of continuing education?” In this video, Dr. Ashcroft discusses the growth of online learning in CIE and describes the growing national trend of contemporary degrees.

When describing what she does in her role as dean of CIE, Dr. Ashcroft responds, “For any person, at any age, who wants to learn, I provide access. If you believe education has the power to change lives—and I do—then what better role is there?” She continues, “In Continuing & Innovative Education, I get to see the effects of education on people’s lives. I get to see the difference it makes. I get to work with people who've chosen CIE as a way to improve their lives.”

In addition to the points she makes in the above video, Dean Ashcroft adds, “The future is absolutely open and unlimited. Wherever there is a need, CIE is prepared to fill that need. Sometimes our programs are short-lived; sometimes they live a long time. Our ability to convene—to bring together a curriculum, bring in great teachers, and quickly develop a program that benefits students—is our strength."

Part One of this story, in which Dr. Ashcroft discusses the impact of the economy on continuing education, is also available to view on this blog.


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