Emily Stockton
Graduating senior Emily Stockton of the Online High School.

Emily Stockton prepares to graduate from CIE’s Online High School


The opera world is about to meet its newest soprano in graduating senior Emily Stockton. She is preparing to study music and vocal performance this fall at the University of North Texas in Denton after studying opera in Austin and performing with the Austin Lyric Opera. “I just love being on stage and involved in music,” says Emily. “I’d be happy just singing in choruses for the rest of my life.” But before she embarks on her next educational and musical adventure, Emily graduates in June from The University of Texas at Austin Online High School (UTHS), a component of Continuing & Innovative Education (CIE).

Having begun her studies with the Online High School as a sophomore, Emily took most of her coursework with UTHS. The Online High School is fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and authorized by the Texas State Board of Education to provide distance learners with a high school curriculum and to award diplomas.

Emily answered our questions about her experience as a student of the Online High School.

Why did you enroll in the Online High School?

“A few years ago, I was diagnosed with having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). And it seemed that the teachers in my public school weren’t equipped to offer me any special attention or to help me. The Online High School was a better environment for me to receive individual attention and to go my own pace.”

What would you say were the greatest benefits for you in enrolling in UT Online High School?

“The greatest benefit for me was being able to set my own pace. In school, I’ve struggled mostly with math and chemistry. With the Online High School, I didn’t have any harsh deadlines inflicted on me and I was able to take these courses at my own pace and really learn this coursework. It also expanded the typical high school experience. I learned about things that I know I wouldn’t have gotten to learn about in my regular high school. The teachers were also very responsive to me and my specific questions and needs.”

How did UT Online High School courses impact your academic goals and your plans for your future?

“The Online High School helped make my goals become more realistic. The grades that I was making in public high school wouldn’t help me get into college. So, for me to take my time with the resources, teachers and classes with the Online High School, I was able to excel greater than I did in public high school.”

What are your overall impressions of UT Online High School?

“It’s a great program. The staff, including my advisor Heidi Parker, has been incredibly helpful and attentive. The program is unique in that it teaches self-motivation and discipline. And it helps you to excel in areas you may have been struggling and to achieve your goals. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Online High School. They are organized, attentive, helpful and absolutely great.”

Good luck to Emily from her friends at Continuing & Innovative Education.


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